unsightly home

Meet Patricia Torres. She struggled with her housing situation for years. She had been homeless, but after she got back on her feet, she thought her family would want to visit her. Instead, they felt her tiny place was too small and unsightly. They stopped coming altogether. Then Patricia got a new home and invited everyone over to see a stunning transformation.

She Sought Out Help

She signed up for the Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation, a nonprofit that provides affordable housing. Patricia lives in Central East Austin, Texas, and the cost of housing has risen exponentially over the past 15 years.

Her Expectations

Patricia expected to receive a larger apartment; instead, she was left stunned. A local abandoned historical home had become an eyesore in the community, but the GNDC acquired the unsightly home and completely transformed it. It was an unsightly home in Austin, Texas that was transformed beautifully!

Here’s What She Got

Here’s the amazing part: they have guaranteed that the home will be affordable for at least the next 99 years. The rent is $575 including utilities. “I just can’t wait to come home now,” Patricia said. “I see myself very different now. And it’s because of this house.” Now all her family can come visit and not just for holidays. Her home will always be welcoming friends & family.

Just In Time

She received the new home just in time to have her family over for Christmas last year. Just goes to show you there are good people out there and affordable housing! Never give up. Seek for help. There is affordable housing in your area. All you have to do is search for it. You too can have a happy ending such as Patricia Torres has.

See Incredible The Video Below!

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