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Did you know it’s actually a huge waste to throw out all your pickle juice? That stuff is darn useful! Pickle juice is very versatile. Once your pickles are gone, the juice can be used for treating ailments, cleaning your pots and pans, and even brightening up your garden! It sounds a little crazy, but thanks to the salt and vinegar in pickle juice, it packs a pretty powerful punch!

Pickle Juice Helps Upset Stomach And Heartburn

pickle juice

Many spicy and acidic foods can cause heartburn. While it seems like pickle juice would make the problem worse, it’s actually a reliable quick fix. Vinegar is highly acidic, but in this case, it works magic to ease heartburn. Researchers believe it encourages the stomach to produce more natural antacids to balance the acidity level in the body.

Preserves Food Longer

pickle juice

Pickle juice is really just a flavorful brine designed to preserve fresh veggies like cucumbers for months at a time. There’s no reason you can’t go on using the brine just cause the cukes ran out! Instead, use leftover pickle juice to quickly pickle leftover veggies like cabbage and carrots, which helps them keep just a couple days longer.

Soothes Sore Skin

If you have an itchy bug bite or an annoying friction rash, try putting a little bit of pickle juice on it to ease the tickle. Scratching — everyone’s favorite solution — just damages the skin. Pickle juice comes to the rescue by offsetting the itch with a slight acidic sting. Just make sure to layer some moisturizer on top, since the salty juice can cause a little skin dryness.

Soothes Sunburn

Aloe Vera is a common go-to when it comes to sunburns, but it turns out that pickle juice can help too. While Aloe works great to cool the burn, pickle juice can stop the burning and itching sensations that often accompany damaged skin.

Relaxes Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps come out of nowhere and they are the worst — you have no way of controlling your muscle or stopping the spasm. Fortunately, pickle juice might be the superfood we’ve all been waiting for. Just swallow a couple spoonfuls! The juice is loaded with potassium, which relaxes muscles, and electrolytes, which help control dehydration. Combined, these make it a cramp-fighting powerhouse.

Pickle Juice Fertilizes Plants

Green thumbs have all kinds of gardening hacks to keep their veggie patches and flower beds looking great, and pickle juice is one of them. Pickle juice can provide a boost to plants that like acidic soil, such as hydrangeas and rhododendrons. Just be sure to test the soil and research each plant before trying pickle juice! If your indoor plants are looking a little down in the dumps, a healthy serving of this juice might perk them up. Plants require a lot of potassium to keep growing happy and healthy. They sometimes even struggle to produce enough on their own, especially if they have a small supply of soil to work with. Adding potassium in the form of pickle juice (plus acid to balance the pH of the soil) boosts them up big time!

Keeps You Hydrated

During a workout, it’s common knowledge that you need plenty of ordinary water, but you may also want to consider spiking it with this juice. Salt is one of the most important factors in staying hydrated, because it encourages your body to hold on to its water deep down on a cellular level.

So next time you go for a run or hit the gym, be sure to sip some pickle juice too.

Cleans Copper Pans

Copper-bottomed pans often lose their shiny, new-penny look after months of cooking, but they can look new again in no time, using this juice. The acetic acid in vinegar cuts through the gunk, while the salt and acid react with the oxidation to brighten up dull cookware.

It Helps Weight Loss And Exercise Recovery

We’ve already talked about how pickle juice can help your stay hydrated during a workout, but it does more than that! The potassium in the brine also helps your muscles recover after getting tuckered out. Even better, if part of your exercise goal is weight loss, vinegar has been shown to boost the metabolism and curb appetite.

Pickle Juice Can Soothe A Sore Throat

A sore throat can be a symptom of a more serious illness, but every once in a while, a sore throat pops up all on its own. Rinsing with warm saltwater is often recommended to kill germs and balance pH levels, but pickle juice also does the trick. Gargle some warm, diluted brine to get your body back on track.

It’s So Good For You!

Stop dumping your old juice down the drain and start using it. Why throw money down the drain with so many other benefits can come of it.


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