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Kitchen trends for 2017 are so unique! A kitchen remodel is the singular most cost-effective room remodel you can put into your home if you’re planning on putting it on the market. The ROI is usually more than 100% and very often much, much more. With the upswing in the real estate market these days, a full or partial kitchen remodel can help you sell your home faster and for a higher dollar amount.

Tuxedo Kitchens


You may have not heard of the term “tuxedo kitchen,” but you have likely seen the color-blocked images. The style is relatively simple, usually with white on the top, and a darker color such as black or dark gray on the bottom of the kitchen. When designing your tuxedo kitchen, remember that the small accents are absolutely essential to tying this look together and really making it pop. Think brushed gold cabinet hardware with matching faucets and light fixtures, or utilizing the identical style cabinets for both top and bottom, but white on top and navy below, with matte finishes on both.

Wood Paneling


We’re not talking about 1970’s basement wood paneling… no, today’s wood paneling is rich in color and texture and nothing at all like the past. The prevailing trend over the next years will be towards light colored, even white, paneling and will be used on walls, ceilings, backsplashes…you’ll see lots of creative uses for paneling! While lighter colors prevail, faux weathered greys and brown inspire a rustic look without having to break the bank on reclaimed barnwood. Warm tones give depth to rooms where people gather such as kitchens and living rooms, or where we take sanctuary – bedrooms and libraries or den areas. Remember that you don’t have to panel an entire room, either!

Hidden Appliances


Hidden appliances are those that are made to look as if they are cabinets, with the same design in doors and hardware. The trend will be towards hidden appliances, even small appliances such coffee makers and microwaves, and certainly bigger items like refrigerators and dishwashers. Nearly every appliance but the stove can be “hidden” and disguised as cabinetry, and this creates a clean, uncluttered looking kitchen overall. This look will be especially attractive to those who spend a great deal of time in the kitchen and are looking for a cozier, more relaxing feel.

Patterned Tiles


Out with the subway-inspired tiles, and in with eclectic patterned tiles. Use many different patterns within a color range for a really funky look, or stick with a more traditional, yet still colorful, look of alternating patterned tiles. The options here are truly endless, and you’ll find patterned tiles to fit every room, use, and budget. Go for a simple project like a new kitchen backsplash, or do an entire bathroom! Mix patterned tiles with solid-colored tiles or go all-out with one style/pattern.



Faucets with sensors – great for kids who can’t yet reach. Lights that go on when we enter a room and automatically go off when they stop detecting motion. Meat thermometers that notify your smartphone when your roast has achieved the correct temperature. These are but a few of the quickly increasing options when it comes to automating your home. In 2017 and future years, we’ll see more of these automation trends, and many of them will allow you to run your home from your smartphone or device. These Kitchen trends change each year and is one to keep up on.


One of the best kitchen trends is an island. This creates a great gathering place not only for conversation amongst the family or guests but allows you extra work space for the project you are working on. Being able to move freely around the kitchen makes cooking that much more enjoyable. Whether it be a built in or a moveable cart type, this kitchen trend is a must do!

Appliance Cupboard


No longer have your appliances in plain view. Stash them inside a cupboard for easy access. Kitchen trends of this can vary depending on your cupboard space.

Appliance Garage


Short on extra cupboard space? Well then add an appliance garage. This is one of the cutest kitchen trends ever! Park your appliances on the countertop but have a roll down curtain! Appliance garages such as this one help eliminate countertop clutter near the refrigerator station. Store your cookbooks for easy access in here too!

Side Dish Holder


Packaged side dishes are not so easy to store. Most come with a notch to allow them to hang on the store shelf. But, we tend to bring them home and stack them on the shelf in the cupboard creating an unstable stack. Hanging them makes much more sense and frees up more room for canned goods. There is a lot of wasted space from the top of the cupboard to the sitting goods. use this space more wisely!

Lazy Susan


Some kitchen cupboards have corners that are so impractical. You just can’t reach back all the way to the back corner. Placing a corner lazy susan allows you easy access to all your products stored in there! No more on your knee’s trying to fit in the far back spot! Though a lazy susan has always been a kitchen trend, what matters is where it is placed in the kitchen.

Pull Out Corner Cupboards


Corners in kitchen cabinets are the most common dead spaces, and kitchen designers go to great lengths to find the ideal fix. One technique (that’s not yet a perfect kitchen trend, yet pretty clever) is the corner drawer. Getting the most out of your cabinets is important when designing a kitchen!

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